The I+D Nucleus are a bet of pedagogical innovation of Social Work of the University of Chile, which is based both on the proposal of Associativity of the Faculty of Social Sciences and on the advances of outstanding Research and Training Centers of Social Work to international level and the high integration Research model conceived by the CNID (National Center for Innovation and Development). They set up a form of research, social intervention and transdisciplinary development, where academics from different lines of knowledge, undergraduate and graduate students, together with professional teams, work participatively towards a joint objective generating a work program of 1 to 3 years, where specific projects are developed that contain an impact objective at the level of the public sphere, in relation to certain social phenomena.

I+D Nucleus

They Face with new forms the old challenge of understanding the social complexity from a participatory perspective and develop ways of producing knowledge through R & D research, which are deployed in different areas of Social Work

Effective Innovations in Public Policies

Reintegration and Society

Complex Territorial Systems

Diversity and Gender: Intersectional Feminist Approaches

Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Work

Socioeconomic Relations and Social fights

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